The Supernatural

Is it just me, or does life just seems an endless list of chores to complete? I start my morning calling out to God for a supernatural touch. Anything. But nothing seems to come. Today, I started thinking that maybe we live with the supernatural all the time. The fact that we can breathe and walk is a miracle within itself. We just don’t know it because we never stop doing it. It has become something we looked passed to experience new things. We are only aware of it when we stop doing it, and then the entire purpose of life becomes breathing well again. We have so many miracles every day. I can see the beautiful afternoon, and feel the breeze on my face; I can really be aware of it if I just look pass my daily problem or the next chore. We can’t see the miracle of our lives, if we are drowning into our thoughts, and problems. To appreciate how much we have, we can take a step back, and imagine you could not breathe very well, and someone has to take you to the bathroom, because you cannot walk. Your son asks you for your help, but all you can see is his lips moving, because you cannot hear.

Sometimes as a Christian, I remind myself to be thankful, because these are situations people live with every day, and somehow people who have no legs, manage a smile and a positive attitude!

I remember when I had to go to the hospital to stay with one of my sons when he was sick. It was a time when all I could do was wait, and help as much as I could. But it wasn’t Disneyland. I tried to be joyful anyway, while in the hospital, but I couldn’t help but think of how much time I had wasted on the outside, complaining about minor things, when I had my kids healthy, and could come and go as I pleased!

Maybe is not what we don’t have that we need to look at, but what we do have to start enjoying life.


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