Have you ever wonder what happened to our society? How did we go from what it seemed a completely different world in the 1930s 40s and 50s to where we are today? Culture changes like a sauce thickens under a boiling fire: slowly and under the right conditions. Trends are important to watch because they contain the ingredients to changing culture.  It is interesting to observe how trends affect the way people do things, and how it will change the way they will do things in the future. Of course some trends will take and others won’t. I am talking about those trends that take into people’s habits.

We are in world in which people read small amounts of information through social media, small articles which actually fit a fast pace society. We want quick nice thoughts and solutions that actually helps us. There is nothing wrong with this, at least people are reading! However we should watch out for diluted and water down information and insight.

In the past, people meditated more over larger amounts of information and insights producing perhaps better results. What happens when we don’t meditate upon what we read? I doesn’t get process. There is something about reading something and let it simmer a while; then we come up with conclusions and solutions which can help our lives. It is similar to when we eat something, and there is a process of digestion which leads to nutrition, when our bodies take it a-part. In the same way, in the world of words, they need to be process by our brains, mind and spirit in order to take advantage of all that they have to offer. When there is no time to mediate, we don’t take apart the good and the bad of what we read, bringing sloppy results, as oppose to going through a process of thinking that leads to taking the good of what we read and discarding the bad, and ending up with great insight to help our lives.

There is something precious that we miss in our world of information in a hurried up society. Now that information is at our fingertips, we can get if fast, however some of its riches might be missing as the nutrients get lost in a microwave meal. We need to go back to a slower process of boiling what we read, even if it takes longer because the taste will be better in the end, and it will leave us more satisfied.


2 thoughts on “A SIMMERING CULTURE”

  1. Completely agree with what you said! I’m an avid reader, i like reading for fun. But when it comes to reading the news or looking at posts on social media i’m always looking for the quick fix. Even with blogging i’ve found i can’t concentrate for too long on long posts. I’m always looking to pick out the main points and do not properly immerse myself. I’m hoping that this is something i’m going to stop doing as i get more into blogging. This is a good post very insightful!

    1. I know I haven’t wrote back in a while… maybe 3 years? lol… sorry. Thank you for your comment. Are you a writer as a career or just blog? Do you have more than one blog? I have a new website and I want to move some of my blog content over to the new one. Have you ever done that?

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