I remember very vividly attending my cousins party when I was a child, and playing a game in which all the children were lined up and had to blow air in through a straw in order to keep a paper from falling at the other end of the straw. The funny thing is you couldn’t see the other kids. You could only see straight ahead while blowing as hard as you could you had to walk back and forth. I walked and walked, and blew and blew. I couldn’t see what was the status of my opponents.

For some reason, I thought everyone had finished the game, and I had lost, so I stopped. To my surprised, I found out there was only one contestant left, other than me. if I would’ve kept going I would have been the winner, but because I stopped the other kid got a huge price, and I lost.

In life we find circumstances just like this one.  We are trying hard, but we can’t see how what we are doing is impacting others or what difference does it make. Sometimes we are doing a good thing, but we stop because we think we are defeated already. I remembered the disappointment I felt when I saw the other girl get that huge colorful building set, that I would’ve died to have. It gets me thinking about how we need to persevere in our Christian walk, and parenting. We can feel discouraged because we don’t see the results or we feel we are all alone. It seems that our journey keeps going in an never ending run around, but in the end there is a huge price waiting for us.

In the spiritual realm, we cannot see what is around us but we are call to persevere ahead. Our Christian walk is very similar to this game because you have to look only ahead to make it. If you stir to the right or to the left you can loose focus and be distracted.

It is a game of focusing primarily, and we can get “out of the road,” if we look either way. Yet it is so easy to look to the left or right. Christ kept his focus by thinking on one thing: “The price ahead of Him.”


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